Mike Hancock CBE - MP for Portsmouth South

1A Albert Road

Tel: 023 9286 1055
Email: email@mikehancock.co.uk

 Working for You - Always Putting Portsmouth First

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11 December 2014
£15 million has been announced in the Autumn Statement to help the repair of roofs and guttering on vulnerable listed church buildings.

How can I lobby?

You do not need to go to the Commons to lobby me – you can contact me via the website, or come to one of my advice sessions.

To see me at the House, a prior appointment is needed, though you can always try your luck if you are there – you may just catch me!

How can I visit Parliament?

If you would like to visit the House of Commons, for a tour or to listen to a debate or a question time, please contact my Commons' office on 020 7219 1102.

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