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MP Urges Support for Supporters Trust bid for Pompey

28 August 2012

 Mike Hancock, MP has written an open letter with Penny Mordaunt to Balram Chainrai and Levi Kushnir of Portpin asked them to accept the offer from Pompey Supporters' Trust to them. Portpin which is also looking to take over the club after withdrawing at one stage and is also a creditor of the club.

Mike Hancock said: "There is no magic wand but due to the recent history of many different owners, it is clear that the Supporters' Trust is the best way to rebuild football at Pompey. I believe ownership by the Supporters' Trust will command much more support from fans and the community than any individual can, whoever that is, due to the club's recent chequered history. And that support is now vital to the club surviving in the football league and prospering. I hope that Mr Chainrai and Mr Kushnir will accept the offer from the Supporters' Trust which they described as very fair. This must be the best solution for the club, the supporters and Mr Chainrai and Mr Kushnir who have said that they would be very reluctant owners."


Dear Levi and Balram,

We wanted to take the opportunity to write to you to ask you to accept the very good offer submitted to you by the Pompey Supporters Trust.

In your recent statement withdrawing your bid you accepted that there was little or no support for it. The decision to withdraw, followed by another change of mind has further diminished that support.

It will take many years of hard work in order for Portsmouth Football Club to prosper. The offer from the PST is a fair one reflecting both the value of the club and the hard work that it will take to rebuild it's squad, Academy and infrastructure. There is no short term fix, no magic wand.

You have spoken on many occasions of your reluctance to own Pompey. You have the perfect opportunity now to place the club into the best hands imaginable, those who have supported it passionately for a lifetime.

We ask you to recognise and grasp this opportunity to demonstrate once and for all that you care for the club, and to walk away with a fair sum and your heads held high. You will always be able to say that when it came to the crunch you kept your promise, to sell the club to the right people who would take the best possible care of it.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Hancock CBE MP

Penny Mordaunt MP


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