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News Release - Supporting Local Pubs

05 March 2013

Mike Hancock Backs Local Pubs 

Mike has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, to ask him to address recent increases in drinking levies. Over the past four years prices of beer have risen by up to 40%.

Mike writes, 'Many of my constituents enjoy visiting obscure and independent pubs throughout the country and I know that people visiting Portsmouth enjoy our wonderful pubs too. This increased tax will hit these individuals and these pubs hardest.'

Many pubs are struggling and according to a Telegraph report up to 12 pubs a week closed in 2012, this continued increase in prices could not come at a worse time. Currently customers are paying far more than their counterparts throughout Europe and in some cases 10 times as much as drinkers in Germany.

Mike continued, 'It is my view that local pubs are critical to communities - they often act as a social hub and create local jobs. We are losing more and more pubs every day and I would be completely against any measures that would see this trend continue.'

Mike has also signed EDM 703 which notes the detrimental effect the Beer Duty Escalator is having on pubs and customers and its ineffectiveness at tackling the deficit. A recent response from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills with regard to the effect of the ties between pub companies and licensees can also be found here.

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