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News Release - National Health Service

06 March 2013

Hancock Supports Health Service

This week Mike has written to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to ask him to reassure constituents that NHS services would not be outsourced to private companies.

Mike writes, 'I can appreciate that the NHS is having to adapt in relation to significant changes in life expectancy and budgetary constraints, my constituents and I are concerned about how the possible out-sourcing of patient services could affect the standard of care.'

The new competition regulations have reversed assurance previously given that this would not be used to force competition onto local people and commissioning groups where they would prefer to retain NHS providers for contracts. Under the regulations, however, most contracts will have to be opened up to private markets, regardless of the opinions of the commissioning groups. Monitor will also have new duties to enforce competition procedures, including at the request of private companies who have lost contracts. This could also open NHS contracts up to EU competition law.

Mike said, "I refuse to support any measure which would transfer NHS services from the public sector to the private sector whether intentionally or not. It is my view that is exactly what would happen should these regulations be brought in and is exactly the reason I have written to the Prime Minister to demand answers and signed EDM 1104."

The Motion has supports from several parties and Mike hopes it will bring further scrutiny to these regulations.

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